What To Do When You Have An Emergency Plumbing Issue?

If you think the furniture is something you get used to quickly, there is something you forget about even quicker. Yes, the pipes underneath the concrete and dirt that carry water to and from your home are forgotten even faster than the furniture. But when an emergency strikes, you are just as quickly made aware of how much attention they really require.

But life happens, and who really prepares for a plumbing emergency? It’s not like you saw the pipe cracking and bursting underneath the bathroom floor. So, here are some suggestions on what to do when you have an emergency plumbing issue.

Turn Off The Main Water Supply

Always keep in mind that there is a consistent flow of water coming to your home. And the only thing stopping this water from filling your house are the taps and pipes. When a plumbing emergency strikes and all you can see is water everywhere, get to your main water supply tap.

At the very least, get to the cut-off tap that prevents more water from reaching the problem area. Your main priority should always be to stop the water first, then you can calm down and think straight.

Block Off The Area

Having water streaming inside the house is something you want to control quickly and effectively. In other words, block off the area and make sure the water doesn’t spread any further than it needs to. However, only focus on containing the problem after cutting off the water. The last thing you want is water damage in several different rooms.

Assess The Problem

Once the water stops flowing and you are sure you’ve contained the problem area, it’s time to assess the possible source of the emergency. Now, you don’t need to be a plumber to see an obvious complication. For example, a pipe that bursts should be obvious at the moment it happens.

And the reason you want to assess the problem is to check whether you can temporarily keep the issue controlled while opening the main water supply. However, if you are not familiar with what you are doing, it is recommended to move to the next step.

Have An Experienced Plumber Saved In Your Contacts

There is no rule that says you should only call a plumber when you actually need one. Instead, check out some of the local experts while you have some time off and compare the prices of their basic services. At the same time, compare their experience and reputations.

Additionally, ask whether they respond to emergency calls and if you can call any time of the day. In other words, find a plumbing service you know will offer competitive prices and that will shop up regardless of when you call.

Then, when you face your plumbing emergency issue, you know exactly who to call. Because you can’t always see the issue coming, at least you can control how the situation is going to be handled thanks to the number you save in your contacts.